Tokyo Prosecutors Rearrested Former Nissan Executive On New Charges

Tokyo Prosecutors Rearrested Former Nissan Executive On New Charges


It is the fourth time; Japanese prosecutors have arrested former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn. On Thursday, they questioned him for charged financial misconduct while leading the Japanese carmaker. Attorneys stepped into the ex-auto executive’s home in Tokyo and re-arrested him on new claims of financial wrongdoing. Prosecutors revealed they arrested the 65-year-old over doubts he caused losses of $5m to Nissan. Tokyo attorneys said they would soon publish a notice but refused to reveal any details of the matter. Mr. Carlos received the bail after spending 108 days in custody. Hardly after a month of release, Japanese prosecutors decided to suspend the ex-Nissan chairman once again.

Local TV footage revealed officials were entering Carlos’ apartment, and a car was afterward going to the attorneys’ office. According to the executive’s representative, prosecutors arrested and issued a notice in which Mr. Carlos firmly declared his decency. While Ghosn said, his arrest is shocking and groundless. As per the executive, the arrest is the latest effort of some people at Nissan to mute him by confusing the prosecutors. Ghosn questions why to arrest in an effort to smash him? Mr. Carlos states those things cannot shatter him. Besides, the star automobile executive asserts he is not guilty of the baseless claims and allegations against him.

Although, the move of detention arrives just a day after Ghosn’s appearance on Twitter. In a tweet, he assured to reveal the truth which lies behind his stunning failure. In the end, it remains unclear whether Ghosn himself sent the tweet or someone else tweeted from his side. As per bail conditions, Ghosn can use a computer at his attorney’s office but cannot use the internet. On the other hand, Renault unrolled some new claims over Mr. Carlos on Wednesday. The French carmaker claims that expenses earned by Ghosn include suspicious and hidden conducts. Addedly, those practices are against the ethics and rules of the company. Tokyo police first arrested Mr. Carlos last year, in November. The executive faces a claim of financial misconduct and violation of the company’s trust.

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