New Zealand Privacy Commissioner Slams Facebook and Its Executives Over Live Streaming

New Zealand Privacy Commissioner Slams Facebook and Its Executives Over Live Streaming


John Edwards, New Zealand’s privacy commissioner, has criticized Facebook. He called the social networking platform as a company having morally bankrupt pathological liars. Edwards added that the social media giant denies accepting accountability of harmful and toxic content. On Monday, during an interview with Radio New Zealand, the privacy commissioner said Facebook has no plan in order to detect the Christchurch terror attack. Edward used his personal Twitter account to chew out the social network.

On the other hand, the social networking giant has dragged the anger of Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand. Reportedly Facebook hosted a live broadcast of the attacks that killed around 50 people, which later went viral over the internet. Nearly 4,000 Facebook users viewed a video of a terror attack in Christchurch. The company removed the video, but still millions of copies popped up on the network even after a day of the attack. Edwards stated Facebook could not be a trust anymore. He added leaders of the platform allows the live streaming of illegal acts like suicides, murders, and rapes. Besides, the social network continues to host and promote the mosque attack video. It assists advertising companies in targeting hateful market portions.

Even more, Facebook runs away from accepting the responsibility for any data or harm. The commissioner calls the happening as a global problem. He added, the incident live-streamed in Christchurch could take place anywhere in the world. Edwards points towards the unity of governments around the globe. He says there is a need to unite and push the platforms to get a solution. Edwards noted that Facebook CEO could not commit for any changes, like delays, in case of the terror attack live stream. Whereas, Zuckerberg asserted that the live streaming of the Christchurch attacks was due to bad actors and not bad technology. The Facebook CEO elaborates the technique as a bi-directional one and says it cannot be delayed. As per Zuckerberg, people are communicating back during the live stream, and it cannot have a delay.

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