A New Study Finds New State of Matter A Part Solid and A Part Liquid

A New Study Finds New State of Matter: A Part Solid and A Part Liquid


In high-school days we had a chapter in Science, which described various states of matter. We can see that matter around us exists in three different states, i.e., solid, liquid, and gas. The states of matter may vary depending on the characteristics of the particles in it. Apart from the three states researchers say there is another state of physical matter. Now scientists have discovered a new one which allows atoms to remain in both solid as well as the liquid state at the same time. While analyzing potassium, they found the bi-state matter. Thus it is the first time scientists have spotted the probability of matter can acquire two states concurrently.

The new study clears the question of whether there was a particular state of matter or the atom structures revealed a change between the two stages. As per the new analysis, a new state is a distinct form of matter, and they call it “the chain-melted state”. The scenario is possible mainly in the case of potassium. It can take both, a solid and a liquid state at once. Now scientists hope to further analyze the state in order to find more applications for the amazing finding. Experts, from the University of Edinburgh, used the pure metal for the test. They made use of high pressures and temperatures along with powerful computer simulations to study the state.

The experiments and actions showed bits of both sold and liquid. As per the team, the severe conditions resulted in the creation of two inter-connected stable lattice structures in the atoms. Due to strong chemical reactions, some fragments remained in the solid state when heated. On the other side, other molecules melted and acquired a liquid form. Dr. Andreas Hermann from the university’s School of Physics and Astronomy is a leading author of the study to arrive in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. He said potassium is one of the metal to have a simple structure. But if we put some pressure, it forms very complex structures. In the end, the team says they have revealed this remarkable and stable state is bit solid and bit liquid. So when applied to other materials it could offer all types of applications.

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