Study Finds Nutritional Supplements Do Not Work on Mortality Risk

Study Finds: Nutritional Supplements Do Not Work on Mortality Risk


Many health-conscious people across the world opt to take supplements in a hope to live an extended life than others. But a new study reveals the surprising fact; supplementary feeding has a minimal effect on humans. Even more, the only nutrients present in food can lessen the chances of death. Despite having a perfect composition of vitamins and essentials, supplements in the market have very less contribution towards a healthy body. Some researches even pinpoint supplements can harm health in reality. Researchers reported, on Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine, that dietary supplements do not assist in living a longer life. Despite the might lessen it if consumed in high levels. Besides, some supplements like calcium and vitamin D actually have ties with a greater danger of cancer.

Apart from this, some components may promote long-life, but it is essential to come from food. Experts recommend the study add to growing evidence that supplements are not insurance. They suggest to maintain a balanced diet and lifestyle and reveal it as a key to health. Scientists from Tufts University analyzed a series of nutrients with rates of death due to any cause like cancer or heart attack. They exposed that sufficient intake of vitamins, such as vitamin A, K, zinc, and magnesium, can lessen the chances of death. But all these things matter only in case of nutrients in food, and not in supplements. In short, nutrients eaten via supplements do not enhance health and life as efficiently as those consumed via foods.

Dr. Fang Fang Zhang, a leading scientist, says more analysis is essential to know the long-term use of supplements. The people who took part in Zhang’s study filled out a twenty-four-hour food survey form twice. At the time, more than half of the study participants stated they consume dietary supplements. On the other hand, those health supplements are gaining massive sales for the last five years. As per a market analyst group, Mintel, as of 2018, British people spend around £442 million on health supplements. In the end, Zhang stated, it is clear that dietary supplements use is not an alternative for a healthy balanced diet.

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