Lyft will Pull Back Its e-Bikes from Three U.S. Cities Due to Front Brake Concerns

Lyft will Pull Back Its e-Bikes from Three U.S. Cities Due to Front Brake Concerns


Lyft Inc. is pulling back thousands of electric bikes from service from three U.S. cities after reported brake issues. On Sunday the ride-sharing giant said the move would affect New York, Washington, and San Francisco. According to the company’s blog post, they received some complaints from riders. A small number of customers experienced a stronger than natural brake force that on the front wheel. Although, excessive force while braking can result in a fall. Lyft’s Citi Bike division will continue to offer service by replacing around 3,000 pedal assist-bikes with traditional ones. The company already provides about 20,000 bikes in those three cities. The figure includes both electric as well as regular models.

Julie Wood, a Lyft representative, said after some reports, the company is effectively pausing its electric bikes from service. The move has affected service in bike share brands like Citi Bike in New York, Ford GoBike in the Bay Area, and Capital Bikeshare in Washington D.C. Julie added, safety is the priority of the ride-sharing company. Some of the models are still aboard, but not available for acquiring on rent. The company also stated it had been functioning on a new bike model which would arrive in the market soon.

Lyft is now working along with its supplier and another engineering company to look into the matter. It is investigating what exactly has resulted in the over-powered brakes. The ride-sharing company went public recently in March. Lyft listed on Nasdaq at $87.24. Although, the stock prices continue to fall over the past few weeks. On April 12, there was a significant fall and shares valued $58.28. It has introduced end car ownership, in the U.S., with a number of alternative transportation options. Even more, the company has broadened to offer other services like carpooling and scooter rentals. On the other hand, Citi Bike intends to unveil 4,000 pedal-assist bikes in the current year.

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