Scientists Create a Tiny Human Heart Along with Ventricles and Chambers

Scientists Create a Tiny Human Heart Along with Ventricles and Chambers


Scientists have created a first-ever three-dimensional heart with human tissue and blood vessels. They developed a biomedically engineered heart and used a 3D printer to create it. Thus scientists at Tel Aviv University succeeded to print a 3D heart. The medical finding, published in Advanced Science, managed to create a whole heart, along with blood vessels, cells, ventricles, and chambers. The latest attempt marks improvement than that of the previous attempts. Before this, scientists were able to print only simple tissues; it did not contain vessels. A group of researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel has achieved the goal which is near to reality.

The object created in the discovery is only the size of a cherry. Even more, the organ is not capable of pumping blood. Still, experts said its development is a major medical innovation. It will require more efforts to make it pump blood, and scientists hope to start testing using them within a year. Tal Dvir, the leading researcher of the project, said people have managed to 3D-print the structure of a heart in the past. But others do not contain cells or blood vessels. The new model is made up of the cells which were multiplied from a sample of fatty tissue belonging to a human patient.

The process of heart creation started with a biopsy of fatty tissue taken from patients. Scientists used the membrane from tissues as ink in the printing job, which enabled them to build a complex tissue model. As a result, they created cardiac chambers, complex muscles, and a whole heart. The new heart created by Tel Aviv team can contract but unable to pump out blood. Scientists are training the model in order to work like the real one. Once things work, they will try to transplant the model into animal models. Dvir said maybe in the upcoming decade; there will be organ printers in the top facilities across the world. In the future, those products will be created routinely.

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