SpaceX Lost Center Core of its Falcon Heavy Rocket After Successful Launch

SpaceX Lost Center Core of its Falcon Heavy Rocket After Successful Launch


SpaceX landed the center core of its Falcon Heavy rocket on a drone ship successfully in last week. Now the company says it lost the rocket’s core due to rough sea conditions. While carrying it back to Florida coast, the rocket core spilled over. On the second flight of the Falcon Heavy last Thursday, SpaceX created a record. It was the first time; it successfully landed all the three rocket boosters inclusive of the center core. Although, the journey for the core back to the coast was tougher than planned. The vehicle unexpectedly collapsed into the ocean. The company blames the massive loss on the brutal sea.

According to the reports of The Verge, as the ocean swells persisted in rising, it gave rise to high waves. As a result, the center core fell from ‘Of Course I Love You’, SpaceX’s drone-ship, which is stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. The aerospace company said the rescue team was unable to secure the center core during the return journey. The conditions went worst with the 8-10-foot rise in waves. In the end, the booster failed to stay vertical and started to shift. SpaceX expects to bring back the entire center core, and safety of the team is the first preference for it. The company aims to avoid such incidents in the upcoming missions.

There is a system named octograbber fitted on Of Course I Still Love You. The mechanism can assist in the process to recover rocket parts. But the Falcon rockets core is a modern version of the heavy Falcon 9 rocket. So whenever a heavy rocket lands on board of drone-ship, octograbber stabilizes it. In the current mission, the Elon Musk’s company did not use the technique because it is not capable of locking into Falcon Heavy cores. At the moment, the SpaceX drone-ship is turning back from the Atlantic.

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