Google Play Store to Deploy Pixel's Android Q System Update

Google Play Store to Deploy Pixel’s Android Q System Update


It looks like Google is implementing the System updates delivery via Google Play Stores instead of the Android Settings app. According to the Android Q Beta testers on Pixel series devices, Google has offered Android Q system update via Google Play Store. Although, it seems quite interesting. It is unsure whether it’s only a test feature in Android Q beta version. Maybe Google will bring this feature in Public release. Whatever Google thinks, this is a sick feature that Google has implemented for the Android Q Beta users.

Many of the users have spotted the System Updates delivery via Google Play Store in Android Q Beta version. Besides, it is extraordinary to see that Google is testing to divert from Settings App update delivery and utilise the Google Play Store to deliver it. Conventionally, all of the mobile operating systems keep the App Store separate for App updates and the Settings app or Updater app for system updates. All of the Android Q Beta testers are sharing their nugget of opinion on this matter. According to one user on Reddit, Google might be testing this feature to bypass the OEM restrictions. As OEM removes the Stock Android Updater by install custom ROMs, it is hard for Google to push system updates.

Currently, Most of the OEM manufacturers take months to push Core system updates to the devices. As Manufacturers modify the Android code to suit the hardware and integrate the custom UI, it takes time. But with the implementation of Google Play Store System updates delivery, it would take minimum time to release the update. Even though the feature would ensure faster update delivery, it would be a complete mess if the system compatibility issues pop up and the device dies during the automatic installation due to kernel mismatch and other software side issues.

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