Tesla CEO Show-Offs New Custom Chip for Self-Driving Cars During an Event

Tesla CEO Show-Offs New Custom Chip for Self-Driving Cars During an Event


Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO continues to surprise the world with his bold announcements. The latest one has excited many investors despite missing time frames. At the end of 2017, Tesla announced it was trying to develop the first ever computer chip for driver-less vehicles. Now the CEO correctly estimates when a product will arrive. Elon Musk said Tesla Inc.’s self-driving taxis would hit the U.S. markets in the upcoming year. The technology entrepreneur added, in the next two years they will build a car with no steering wheels or pedals. During the company’s Autonomy Day, Musk announced that a new chip available in all new Model 3, X and S vehicles.

The Tesla computer is a new chip specially designed to offer driver-less facilities to electric vehicles. The electric carmaker has switched from Nvidia’s Drive platform its personally designed chip for the cars. In fact, Musk reveals the company has supplied its new Full Self Driving Chip in the Model S and Model X from a month. Now, it placed the chip in the Model 3 just ten days ago. The core of the news is Musk has launched a new microchip for self-governing vehicles on Monday during a webcast presentation.

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Texas, is the manufacturer of the chip which will offer an edge over competitors to Tesla. Musk spotted the company is also working on a next-generation chip. He calls the 260 sq mm piece of silicon as the best chip in the world. Along with 6 billion transistors, it would perform 21 times better than previous Nvidia chips. Despite already available bigger and more powerful processors in the world, Tesla notes simplicity. It has used general-purpose CPU and GPU components, and it has not over-engineered the chip. The company says the silicon chip with its dual neural network arrays has a potential to perform 36 trillion operations per second. Although, the technology is facing many regulatory obstructs from governments.

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