Apple Answers Its Move to Remove Some Screen-Time Monitoring Apps

Apple Answers Its Move to Remove Some Screen-Time Monitoring Apps


Apple Inc. is protecting its move to remove some parental control apps from the app store. The company is facing criticism for its removal of some apps intended to offer parental control over their child’s screen time. But Apple says those apps relied on a very invasive technology that left user privacy vulnerable to attackers. As per Apple’s statement, it has removed various parental control apps from the App Store, because they put users’ privacy and security at risk. The company says it is essential to see why and how the move took place.

According to the phone maker, the core of the matter is the use of mobile device management technologies in those eliminated apps. It claims those device management tools provide crucial information to the third parties. Mainly apps offer control and access over users’ location, email accounts, app use, and browsing history. The company admitted that technology had authorised uses in means of business. It can be used to observe and control corporate devices for controlling proprietary data and hardware. While in case of the personal, consumer-oriented app it breaches App Store policies. The phone maker said it talked with software developers that they were breaching guidelines of the company’s App Store. Apple also offered a time of a month to update their apps in order to avoid removal.

On Saturday, the New York Times reported that the phone maker has started regulating the competition. Reportedly, from 2018, Apple has removed min 11 out of 17 apps, which offered screen-time and parental control. Recently Apple launched new features aimed to track and limit screen time. Reports from the Times highlight that Apple’s Screen Time app has some flaws as that other third-party apps. It offers very fewer alternatives to kids from accessing unwanted apps along with less granular scheduling. Whereas, Apple asserts that the apps violated its rules. Even more, the apps can collect too much data on devices.

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