New Diet Capsules Could Help Obese People to Lose Weight

New Diet Capsules Could Help Obese People to Lose Weight


An advance slimming pill that inflates in the stomach is the latest trend in the healthcare industry. It could help people to lose weight rapidly. Gelesis, a biotech company has launched gel capsules at the European Congress on Obesity on Sunday. Those pills part-fill stomach, if taken before a meal, may help people lose weight and keep it off. Pill makers say the gel-filled capsules could assist millions of obese people to slim. They recommend taking the pill 20 minutes before meals, which expands and offers the dieter feel. It absorbs water to fill up the stomach, and it becomes too full to eat any more. The pill aimed to loose pounds could arrive in the market by next year.

Attiva, the hydrogel capsule first hit the headlines in 2010. Now, launched as Plenity, scientists tried it on more than 400 people. Scientists asked people to take three pills before having meals. Those candidates had a diet less than 300 calories per day. The capsule worked for 59% of people; they lost 22lbs of weight. Candidates even lost inches from their waist and dropped two dress sizes on average. Slimming pill consists of plant extracts which work like a gastric balloon. The gel capsule is like a blend of vegetables and food. It is helpful for people who are extremely overweight and want to lose weight by filling up their stomach. It is useful to people who are just overweight or at the lower edge of obesity.

Dr Harry Leider, chief medical officer of Gelesis, said the gel does not get absorbed. It moves from the small intestine to the colon, where it breaks down. After that, the water is reabsorbed, and left material is passed out in the form of stools. On the other hand, a new study discovered new side effects that took place due to the slimming capsules. Other health problems may take place due to the pill apart from minor gastrointestinal problems like swelling or stomach pain.

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