NASA Warns a Colossal Asteroid Could Collide into Earth in the Upcoming Eight Years

NASA Warns a Colossal Asteroid Could Collide into Earth in the Upcoming Eight Years


A massive asteroid measuring more than 1,115ft across will pass very closely from the Earth’s surface on April 13, 2029. NASA has incredibly announced the giant space rock will flip over Earth from a height at which its satellites operate. Asteroid Apophis will swing by from a distance of about 19,000 miles off Earth’s surface. On Monday, at the International Academy of Aeronautics’ Planetary Defence Conference, Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s administrator said he wishes he could tell you these incidents are extremely unique. But they are not. He noted the space agency is working to protect Earth from the effect of meteor strikes.

When the asteroid will come near Earth, people can see it without any equipment. At the time, a major spot of light will slowly get brighter and move at high speed. At its greatest extent of brightness, the asteroid will emit light like Little Dipper, a small faint constellation in the northern skies. The asteroid is in a terrible orbit, and there is a 1% possibility that it will strike Earth in eight years. Governments across the world have been worried for many years about a probable asteroid collision and the disasters that would take place on the planet. Now, those agencies are sharing the information.

NASA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other parties will carry out a defence drill at the conference. Bridenstine said they have to ensure that people understand that it does not reveal Hollywood movies. The move is in order to protect the only planet hosting life on it. The European Space Agency has also decided to share the event of drill which takes places every two years by asteroid scientists across the world. Agencies aim to reveal the impact of those asteroid collisions. Besides, they would provide the actions to take to reduce the damage. Bridenstine highlighted a mission to protect the planet gains the same importance as of other NASA objectives. The American space agency is working to identify and track most of the neighbouring asteroids which can result in damage.

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