Scientists Found a Probable Link Between Appendix Removal and Parkinson’s

Scientists Found a Probable Link Between Appendix Removal and Parkinson’s


In some severe cases, health experts often suggest removal of the appendix. But a new study suggests people who have removed their appendices lie under the threat of developing Parkinson’s disease later in life. The risk is three times more than those who have not. Still, it does not mean people should avoid an appendectomy if essential. Appendicitis is a health condition which means swelling and infection in the appendix. It is a small organ present at the base of the large intestine. As per the CDC, every year around 300,000 people in the U.S. undergo an appendectomy.

On the other hand, Parkinson’s disease is a weakening neurological condition developing in the mid-brain. Currently, the neurodegenerative disorder troubles around a million people across the U.S. Whereas, over 10 million people across the world have Parkinson’s disease which has no cure. Although, the newly discovered connection between the appendix and Parkinson’s may shed light on the evolution of the brain-related disorder. A Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center have studied over 62 million patients. They found that people who had the operation have a three-times higher risk of developing Parkinson’s.

The study also reveals from 300,000 Americans around 2,800, i.e. 1%, of them might evolve Parkinson’s. Dr Mohammed Sheriff, leading author of the study, said a recent survey in the produce of Parkinson’s has centred around alpha-synuclein. Scientists say it is a protein present in the gastrointestinal tract early at the beginning of Parkinson’s. Thus scientists across the globe have been studying the digestive tract to find a clue about Parkinson’s development. Though some study has revealed that the unusual protein is not just present in the brains, it’s in their guts as well. Dr Sheriff says their research shows an apparent relationship between the appendix, or appendix removal, and Parkinson’s disease. Still, it is just a link. The author notes further research is essential to verify the connection. After a detailed study, scientists could better figure out the mechanism involved.

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