Jeff Bezos Unveiled Blue Origin’s New Lunar Lander – Blue Moon

Jeff Bezos Unveiled Blue Origin’s New Lunar Lander – Blue Moon


On Thursday, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, launched Blue Moon, a new moon lander, along with a smaller rover. While standing in front of the twenty-feet tall spacecraft model, Bezos noted it is an incredible vehicle, and it is going to the moon. He hosted an event in front of select journalists, executives, government officials and some schoolers. The billionaire showed off new details of his objectives to get to the Moon by 2024. Blue Origin intends to ferry astronauts to space on New Shepard later this year. During the event, Bezos showed off a brand new design of its “Blue Moon” lander, specially designed to carry a payload of 6.5 tons.

At the event, Bezos portrayed a stunning, multigenerational vision of a day developing large space colonies nearby Earth. He calls it a way of expanding humanity to a trillion people. Blue Moon, the lunar lander can carry four rovers along with tons of cargo. A rocket engine, BE-7, powers the space vehicle. According to the company’s website, it has long been developing the lander. Besides, Blue Moon has the potential to offer precise and soft landings on Moon. In the upcoming time, it will enable a permanent human presence on the Moon.

Bezos showed pictures of magnificent structures that would contain natural habitats. One of the photographs portrayed a reindeer looking over a twining lake and rocky hills. Other images showed people living and working between the stars. According to Bezos, currently, it is costly to visit space because there’s no infrastructure there. He noted some ways to cope up with the situation – lessening launch costs and using resources naturally available in the atmosphere. The announcement arrives after U.S. Vice President Pence’s directive. In March, the vice president called on NASA to use any means essential to ferry astronauts on a space station revolving around Moon. He ordered to send humans eventually on the Moon’s Southpole by 2024. In short, NASA should put American astronauts onto the Moon within the upcoming five years by any ways needed. While some people have revealed doubts that NASA will achieve the aim.

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