Respawn Warned It Will Ban Piggy-Backing in Apex Legends

Respawn Warned It Will Ban Piggy-Backing in Apex Legends


Respawn is combating on piggy-backing in Apex Legends. Sometimes players knowingly do not take part in matches. They even superimpose the efforts of their teammates just to raise rewards and XP. The company has unveiled its plans to ban such type of players. It seems like Respawn Entertainment is actively working in its mission to maintain a pleasant gameplay experience. Respawn announced the news in a developer update on the game’s official Reddit page. After receiving feedback from players, revealing the incidents, the company studied the impact of piggy-backing on matches.

After looking at the details and internal talks, the developer decided to impose a temporary ban on players who show such behaviour. Not collecting a weapon, declining to deal harming opponents, never firing a shot are some of the piggy-backing features. Also in some extreme cases, the developer may pass out permanent bans. Right now Respawn has warned that it will put out temporary bans to the gamers who piggy-back. Thus the new policy will not take effect right away. It is not a one-step process to combat the issue of piggy-backing. But the company has proved it will make efforts to keep the Apex Legends community happy. One of the latest moves reveals that the developer continues to deal with cheaters. It has banned 770,000 players on the game’s PC version.

Besides, Respawn’s community manager Jayfresh noted they are currently working on the issue. Respawn’s update also reviewed other problems in the game. It included registration issues, slow-mo at the beginning of matches, audio effects, and PS4 crashes after the 1.0.8 update. The developer also noted that it would fix the PlayStation 4 crashes imposed by the ‘Pick Me Up’ banner in the upcoming update. In the end, Jayfresh concluded they are continuing to line their servers to catch problems like persistent slow-mo and other quality issues. Still, the developer believes the next patch will overcome the current points. The company admits that there’s a lot of work to perform.

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