Elon Musk’s First Ever Internet Satellite, Starlink Would Lift-Off On Thursday

Elon Musk’s First Ever Internet Satellite, Starlink Would Lift-Off On Thursday


After releasing a rap song, now Elon Musk is planning to rock the entire industry once again. Before few months, the Tesla CEO surprised fans by a surprising new song in the loving memory of Harambe, the gorilla. Now SpaceX intends to broadcast the internet from the space. Elon Musk’s rocket company would deploy a group of 60 satellites into Low-Earth orbit. The company calls it as Starlink, which is the first giant constellation of satellites. It is one of the SpaceX’s mega projects. The mission includes two broad sets of satellites. One of the batches consists of 4,409 satellites intended to function between 340-823 miles above. The second batch consists of 7,518 satellites that will fly a little bit lower than the first one. It will operate between 208-214 miles in height.

Starlink had a scheduled takeoff Wednesday night from Cape Canaveral, Florida. But the company has cancelled the launch due to rough winds in the upper atmosphere. According to SpaceX’s website along with one-day delay, now the spacecraft will liftoff Thursday evening. Although, the launch is a tiny part of what SpaceX mostly wants to deploy via mission. The company says, in the end, the satellite constellation could offer low-cost internet right away from space. In other words, a total of 11,297 satellites, from Earth’s orbit, would provide internet service to millions of users.

The new approach differs in means of distance from the existing internet-beaming satellites. Currently, most of the spacecrafts that offer internet coverage are present at higher altitudes. Thus it requires more time to receive their data. At the moment, aerospace companies like SpaceX are functioning to deploy constellations in much lower orbits. As a result, it will require less time to receive data, and it will reduce the latency issue. If SpaceX succeeds to launch Starlink on Thursday, it would be the most significant success for the company approaching such a project. Still, the mission remains in its early phase. The move could even drag the company ahead of its rivals.

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