NASA Published Images of Beresheet Crash Site on Lunar Land

NASA Published Images of Beresheet Crash Site on Lunar Land


NASA has published a series of images revealing the crash site of Israel’s non-profit moon lander. Beresheet was very close, and about to land on the lunar surface, but unfortunately, its engine knocked down while falling down. As a result, the mission failed due to a crash landing. The incident happened on April 11 broken dreams of Israel to become the first country to land a private spacecraft on Moon. Now the American space agency surmises it has spotted the crash site. NASA’s LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) has captured a new image on April 22 which reveals the latest collision site on a region of the moon.

New pictures from the probe reveal that the accident left a dark, 10-meter-long spot across the lunar surface. The series of black and white photos have before and after images of the crash site. As per NASA, the collision site is the Sea of Serenity, which is a vast lava field. The dark spot present in the region is probably a result of the high-speed crash. NASA’s space observatory captures the images from an altitude of 56 miles above the moon. Thus, the space agency is unsure whether the crater has happened due to crash or not. NASA says, likely the hole is too small to appear in images.

Beresheet’s failure was a big damage for Israel’s space agency, SpaceIL. Despite the crash, SpaceIL has not lost its hopes. The Israeli space agency intends to develop a new lander to step on Moon. Morris Kahn, the nonprofit’s billionaire founder, announced SpaceIL aims to set up another new lunar lander. He notes they are going to put it on the moon, and accomplish the project. Even though SpaceIL was unable to achieve its aim, the mission sill makes Israel one of the seven countries to ever enter into moon’s orbit. After meeting the milestone, the Israeli space agency aims a soft landing next time.

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