Scientists Finds Highly Processed Foods Results in Overeating and Weight Gain

Scientists Found Highly Processed Foods Results in Overeating and Weight Gain


People often prefer eating ultra-processed foods, like pizza, wafers, but these food items tend to add pounds. According to a new study, carried out at the National Institutes of Health, people who consume a lot of highly processed food gain more calories. Thus scientists have eventually proven that ultra-processed food not just increase risk but actually raises the weight. Scientists say these foods consist of cheap industrial ingredient. Manufacturers even manipulate these products to make them tasty. Besides, these ultra-processed products are high in fat, sugar, and salt.

The study, published on Thursday in the journal Cell Metabolism, reveals the highly processed nature of these foods make people overeat. Scientists took 20 healthy adults, including ten men and ten women, for the four-week study. They offered two different types of diet, having a similar amount of nutritional values. The fourteen days, half of the volunteers were given a so-called ultra-processed diet. Besides, another half had minimally processed food like whole fruits, veggies, eggs, nuts etc. After that, scientists interchanged meals among candidates. Even though the study included a small number of participants, scientists had high control over it. They were aware of the exact nutritional composition of diet as they measured in-depth metabolic proportions. The scientists also monitored other health aspects such as blood sugar levels and other hormones.

 Kevin Hall, study’s leading author, says it is challenging to manage and afford these types of studies, though at a small scale. But the findings of the survey are a remarkable one. As per Kevin, it is the first study which reveals the nutrients present in the food is not a whole thing. The team also found that people eating the ultra-processed diet ate more than the preferred amount of calories. Thus they gained weight as well as body fat. The study pinpoints that there exists some other mysterious mechanism that drives a person to over-eating while munching ultra-processed foods. Kevin says if a person eats very fats, maybe it is obstructing signals from the gastrointestinal tract to the brain. Besides, if the brain fails to get a message, it will continue to command to eat more; as a result, one might easily overeat.

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