Credentials of Instagram Influencers Left Vulnerable for Three Days

Credentials of Instagram Influencers Left Vulnerable for Three Days


The latest report from Tech Crunch has revealed jaw-dropping news about Instagram, a social networking service owned by Facebook. Anurag Sen, a security researcher, has found a massive online database that shows personal contact information of around 50 million influencers and brands. As per Tech Crunch, the database contained the personal contact information of well-known food bloggers, celebrities. Thus database, hosted by Amazon Web Services, did not have password protection and allowed anyone to take a peek. According to the researcher, the data was publicly viewable since 14th May. The dataset even included records with users personal information like phone numbers and email address.

The security researcher notified TechCrunch regarding the vulnerable list while seeking for its creator and make it secure. After that, the publisher investigated and discovered that Chtrbox had created the database. It is a social media marketing firm located in Mumbai which pays influencers for publishing sponsored content on their accounts. The records of the database revealed data on post associated with each person along with cost, the number of followers, likes and other details. Reportedly, the marketing company used the database as a metric to calculate the amount of money to pay an Instagram influencer for publishing material. Chtrbox noted the database was open for three days, and it did not contain private information.

While Facebook has had little to speak on the vulnerability of data. Facebook noted that they are investigating the matter to determine if the data described belong to Instagram or other resources. Facebook also said that it is probing with Chtrbox to understand the source of data and its availability on the web. The latest data exposure proves that Facebook either doesn’t overlook or don’t know how to secure user data. It is not the first time that Facebook has left data open. Recently, UpGuard, a security firm, disclosed that it found hundreds of millions of private Facebook user record publicly available.

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