Ford Will Layoff 10% of its Workforce By August Globally

Ford Will Layoff 10% of its Workforce By August Globally


On Monday Ford Motor Company notified its workforce that it would fire about 7,000 salaried workers. The figure represents around 10% of its employees across the world. Officials said the company could finish the elimination process by the end of October. The historical move to layoff workers could save Ford about $600 millions per year. James Hackett, a CEO, sent an email to employees regarding the cutoff. As per the CEO, the company would cut its governance structure by 20% as it transforms to economic challenges facing U.S. automakers. The company will notify North American employees on Tuesday while reorganising effort continues to take place in other countries. South America, China, Europe are some of the countries to have restructured.

A Ford executive noted that the company would also block open positions. As per the executive, the cutoff will affect around 2,300 Americans. Hackett stated they had made significant progress in reducing bureaucracy, accelerating decision making and driving empowerment as a part of a restructuring. Although, the automaker had notified its workforce last year that it could redesign the company. At the time Ford also informed that the move would probably result in unemployment and permissive buyouts.

Ford has been gradually reducing most of the sedan models in the U.S. due to increasing customer interest in pickup trucks and other utility automobiles. Marisa Bradley, a Ford representative, said the push that started in 2018 would result in the layoff of 800 employees in North America. Besides, 500 of them will have to resign in the current week. She also noted the company has yet to decide the particulars in other areas. Bradley said they understand this is a difficult time for their team, but these measures are essential to driving Ford towards success. As per the representative, the company is yet preparing to rise and boom in the future. On the other hand, Hackett said Ford is a family enterprise, and firing employees is complex and touching.

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