Our Team

John CahillJohn Cahill -Sr.Editor
+1 416-213-8240

John is an ex-journalist and is working in the field for the past many years. He has an in-depth understanding of news reporting. Being a tech savvy person John likes to write on new arrivals in the technology sector inclusive of gadgets, smartphones, games, etc. John likes to go for trekking and river rafting is one of his hobbies.You can also contact him through contact page

Michael PaliottaMichael Paliotta -Associate Editor
+1 416-213-8240
Michael is a veteran in the science sector. He completed his studies and achieved a bachelor’s degree in science with a specialization in biochemistry. Michael prefers to frame news and research outcomes related to health and science. He mainly focuses on space-related news, various types of diseases, outbreaks, new discoveries, etc. In meantime, you will find him playing chess, he also secured a gold medal at a regional level in this game. You can also contact him through contact page

Tom TaxonTom Taxon – Author and Contributor
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Tom is in the field of writing for the past four years, he has also worked as a freelancer while perusing higher studies. He is one of the best writers at TechnoObserver. He has scripted a wide spectrum of articles related to sectors like business including the share market, automobile industry, international affairs and many more. He secures a master’s in marketing. Therefore, Tom has a comprehensive knowledge of the marketing industry.You can also contact him through contact page